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Uploaded by Mr Skin
on July 24, 2021
Mr Skin

Swedish actress Malin Akerman is one of those babes that knew early on that screen nudity is nothing to be afraid of. She decided that she will show her tits with the first chance she got and so it was. While starring in the world-famous comedy Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle she showed her perky boobs to who stoned guys and become their very own sex goddess. This lovely Swedish babe has an amazing natural body and loves making scenes where she is wearing a bikini. After making a couple of appearances in blockbuster movies, she turned her career towards a small screen and made a couple of series. In pretty much every one of them, see shower her nice tits again. Seeing this sexy Scandinavian chick showing her hot ass and nice tits in topless scenes was enough for guys to go crazy for her. One of the best scenes where she starred definitely when she had a lesbian experience in an HBO hit series Entourage. She removed the top of her dress to reveal her boobies while kissing her costar passionately on the lips. Malin decided to go back to the big screen and starred in a hit movie called the Watchmen where she plays one of the super-heroes that protect the Earth. In the movie, she has a crush on one of the characters and after a while, they have a hot sex scene on the ship. In the sex scene, she is seen completely nude, riding her costar in a passionate cowgirl position. While she is moaning with pleasure, we can see her moving gently in his lap. After riding him, they switch positions and she spreads her fit legs to be pleasured in missionary. This stunning Swedish actress looks pretty incredible while having hot sex on the ship and for a while pretty much everyone who was watching the movie probably forgot that it has to do something with super-heroes saving the world. We can only look forward to seeing more nude scenes of sexy Malin Akerman in the future.