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Uploaded by Mr Skin
on July 25, 2021
Mr Skin

Phoebe Cates is one of those actresses that immediately decided to star appearing nude on the big screen. She was most active during the 80s and in her first movies, we got the chance to see her completely nude. She rocked a full natural body, and during her nude scenes guys all over the world went crazy for her. From the moment she become a famous movie actress, she decided that she will show it all. It is a shame that not every actress follows her steps. After all, you are the sexiest when you are young. Phoebe knew that and wanted to do it early on. She decided to show her sexy young body on the TV screen nude from the start, so she would always be remembered as a hot young actress, and she did exactly that. Her first nude scene was in an amazing movie called Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) where she removed her bikini top to show her incredible natural tits. Seeing her topless in this movie made fans all over the world fall in love with her. She did not wait long for her next nude scene. During the same year, her next movie aired and this time we all got the chance to see her completely naked. In the movie Paradise (1982) she had a scene where she was going for a swim in the ocean, and she decided that a bikini was simply too much. She drops it all and even slightly turns around so you would be able to see not only her amazing ass but also her bush and perfect boobies. This sexy actress loved showing her incredible body, and since she was as perfect as it gets, it would be a shame if she decided not to. In the same movie, she had a scene where she was taking a sexy bath underneath a waterfall, and taking a swim in the ocean. In both scenes, her completely nude body was visible as if she was trying to seduce all of the men around the world.