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Uploaded by Mr Skin
on July 24, 2021
Mr Skin

Rarely any actress can say that she was able to have fans from a couple of generations, and one of those stars is Kelly Preston. This gorgeous movie actress decided that she would immediately do nudes early on in her career and who could blame her. Kelly has an incredible natural body, and luckily she decided to show it to the world. In her very first hit movie called Mischief (1985), we got a chance to see it all. While she is getting undressed by her co-star we first got a chance to see her mesmerizing boobs, followed by her hot ass. Just as we pulled out tongues back into our mouths, she turns around to lay on the bed, and at the very moment, we got to see her bush. Although it is her very first nude scene, it is recognizable as the most iconic one. And why wouldn't it be? An actress that is as beautiful as Kelly, dropping off all of the clothes to have erotic sex on the screen is something we all hoped to see. She quickly made her next movie called Secret Admirer and her perfect boobs are once again the center of the movie. She drops her bra in the front seat of the car, and it is impossible to take your eyes off them. It is unbelievable how can a woman have breasts that are perfect as hers, and to be even better, Kelly is not shy at all when she needs to show them to the camera. As if seeing her perfect boobs was not enough, she shows her bubble butt while getting out of the bed. While she is standing up, her tits are once again visible. Her next big movies were Double Cross and Love is a Gun which revealed even more. In both movies, she is showing her incredible body but this time she is also having erotic sex scenes. Gorgeous Kelly is seen getting bent over the table by her co-star who proceeds to penetrate her from behind while she is moaning with pleasure.