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Uploaded by All Gravure
on December 14, 2021
All Gravure

While having a vacation on an exotic island, this beautiful Japanese chick decided to make a seductive video. Adorable Mikie Hara is alone on the perfect beach, and she begins with innocent play in the water. She is playing in the water while looking directly at the camera and smiling the whole time, In the beginning, she is wearing her cute summer t-shirt and sexy shorts, and she does not mind that she is all wet. Gorgeous Japanese chick Mikie decides that it is finally time to get out of the access clothes, and to reveal her sexy yellow bikini. She removes her shirt first, but her shorts follow shortly after. Now that she is in more comfortable clothes she decides to have some more fun in the water. After all, the sun is up high and the temperatures are around 40C at the moment. This cutie needs to cool down, and the water is a perfect choice. Playing in the shallow water not only helps her cool down but also makes her look even hotter. She knows that she has the perfect set of natural boobs under her top, and she loves sparkling your imagination with them. Her ass is just as amazing, but this time she decided to focus on her boobs completely. She loves being on her hands and knees while crawling slowly towards the camera, and she looks amazing while doing it. Seeing this cute Japanese girl playing under the sun looks simply mesmerizing. This cutie knows that she has an impressive body, and she also knows how to use it to make guys fall in love with her. Luckily for us, the cameraman is crazy in love with her boobs, and he loves focusing on them. This cutie continues posing on her hands and knees while playing in the shallow water for some time, and after she gets tired it is time to end the video. There are just a few other sights in this world that can be described just as beautiful as seeing this lovely Japanese girl playing in the sand.