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Uploaded by Mr Skin
on July 24, 2021
Mr Skin

One of the most beautiful American actresses, Evan Rachel Wood is without a doubt one of those celebrities that we all can't wait to see nude. She has an amazing slim body, with a perfect butt, and natural small boobs. To top it off, she has an incredibly beautiful face and definitely knows how to seduce. Sadly for her fans, the years passed by before she made her first nude scene, but it was worth the wait. Finally, she does it in the movie called Across the Universe (2007). She is first seen nude while floating in the water while kissing her co-star. In this scene, her perfect figure with her amazing ass is clearly visible, and just when you thought it can't get any better, it did. Just a couple of minutes later, she is posing on the sofa while her lover in the movie is sketching her hot body, and luckily for both him and us, she decides to show her perky tits. She reveals her nice boobies and hard nipples to surprise her fans all over the world. Four years go by until we get another chance to see her nude, and this time it happens in a movie called Mildred Pierce (2011). She is getting out of the bed, and at the beginning only her boobs are visible, but she shocks us all when she removes her bed sheet to show that she is not wearing anything at all. From that movie onwards, she did not show her bush again, but she made a couple of hot sex scenes with both male and female co-stars. Seeing her getting hot and frisky with Shia Labeouf was one of the best sex scenes ever, and she looked amazing. She enjoys showing her nice tits and buns with every chance she gets, and all we have to do is to wait for more nude appearances. It is safe to assume, that we will get to see more of her hot body, so if you are a hardcore fan of her, just be patient, it will be worth it.