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Uploaded by Mr Skin
on July 24, 2021
Mr Skin

Beautiful actress Annette Bening has been making movies for over thirty years, and in that time we got plenty of opportunities to see her nude. Even today, when she is clearly an older lady, she looks incredible, but if you remember her early years as an actress, you will know that she has been smokin' hot one. She never had a problem with showing her amazing boobs, and luckily for us, she did it a lot. There are plenty of scenes where she is either without a bra under a sexy see-through shirt, or completely topless. Her nipples are hard pretty much every time, and her natural tits look perfect every time she shows them. Her first semi-nude scene comes from a movie called Valmont that is made all the back in 1989. In this movie, you got a chance to see her perfect butt while she is making out on a bed. If you thought that was impressive, yous wait until you see The Grifters (1990), this time, she goes nude a total of 5 times through the movie. In each and every scene she looks incredible while showing it all, boobs, butt, and the bush. You can see her running fully naked across the apartment and her hot ass is just mesmerizing. The next scene is even better because you can see her laying on the bed completely naked, and her perfect boobs are in the center of the attention. In the next couple of scenes, you get a chance to see her naked again, sometimes from the back and once more from the front, while she is waiting for her lover at the doorstep. Sadly for us, she decided to take a break from nude scenes, and over 20 years passed until she decides to make one again, this time in a movie called Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpoll (2017) where she is seen topless while having hot foreplay with a much younger co-star. Even though a lot of years have passed, Anette still has an amazing body with those perfect natural boobies.